What I want for Christmas

By Jeffrey Fazio
DriveTime Columnist

"You have expensive taste."

Thatís what Iíve been told since as long as I can remember wanting something specific for Christmas. At a very early age I started wheeling and dealing with my mom to get the gifts I really wanted.

Sure the season is supposed to be about giving gifts, not receiving them. Try telling that to a 12-year-old boy in 1986 that just has to have that two-foot-long, $100 model kit of a Lamborghini Countach. When I had my sights on that one thing that I just had to have, the bartering began.

Back in the day, my mother always allowed my brother and me to ask for one "big gift." A big gift would be something that cost around $100. Inevitably, the item I wanted wound up costing $125 to $175, hence, the need for bartering.

The deal was always the same. I would offer to get significantly less "little gifts" in exchange for that one, more desirable gift. If the negotiations were not working out in my favor, I always had an ace up my sleeve Ė my birthday is two days after Christmas.

Generally speaking, having a birthday that close to Christmas really stinks, but in the most extreme cases when my mother just wouldnít budge on "the big gift," Iíd throw out my birthday gift as added clout to my end of the deal. This extreme measure could always be counted on to secure the delivery of the truly coveted present.

Of course all of this could seem rather manipulative on my part, as I knew my mother would still get me other things, but I swear that wasnít my goal. I was just that fixated on the "must have" item.

So here we are, 20 years after that huge Lamborghini model was the most important thing in my life. Christmas of 2006 is fast approaching and I have yet to tell my mother what I really, really want for Christmas. Thatís because this "big item" is so far off the chart that there isnít enough holidays left in my life to even try to barter with. This gift is so expensive that receiving a real Lamborghini for Christmas is much more probable (hint, hint).

My fantasy Christmas gift this year would be a plot of land within the Victory Lane housing development near Savannah, Ga. These limited parcels of land (only 120 available!) are truly a bargain with a starting price of $675,000 for a Ĺ-acre plot. For those that need more room to stretch out, there are lots available up to 30 acres.

So, what justifies the robust cost? All of the extras, of course! This is a gated community that covers 3,000 acres. There is full-time, 24-hour security. The development includes an 18-hole golf course and equestrian facilities. Although all of that is really nice, itís far from the main attraction.

The real deal of this development is the exclusive use of a 4.5-mile road course. This awesome road course sits within the confines of the Phil Hill Motor Sports Complex that is the flagship of the development. The complex is only available to the owners of those 120 parcels of land mentioned above.

The course was designed by world-famous race track designer, Bob Barnard. It features ample run off for safety and the front stretch is a mile long! Not only does the front stretch have enough length to wind out the top gear of your car, it is also FAA approved for large private jets to land and take off from. I canít tell you how long Iíve been searching for a home that could accommodate the large private jet that I will never own.

Donít believe all of this is true? Check out their Webs site for more details: www.unlimitedspeed.net.

So, thatís all I want for Christmas and if there really is a Santa, Iím sure he can swing it. Of course, my next concern will be trying to afford to build a home on this plot of land. I wonder if the home owners association would have any objection to a mobile home. If not, there is always the wish list for Christmas 2007.