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I purchased Hyde on November 24, 2001 after seeing him listed on I paid $1750 for him. Hyde had 180,000 miles and a healthy ding in the passenger side fender and a fairly bad scrape on the door. He was bone stock - which was exactly what I wanted.

Over the past several years, Hyde has grown into one of the most notorious MR2s around. Hydeís turbocharged power plant is putting out roughly 600 rwhp and 400 ft lbs of torque. This power has been good for posting 10-second ľ-mile times at 130 mph.

Additionally the car has seen drastic improvements to handling, braking, aerodynamics and safety. All of this work has propelled Hyde to currently hold 5 SCCA SM2 Hill climb records. In fact, Hyde hasnít lost a hillclimb in 2Ĺ years. His winning streak has been 12 hillclimbs over 3 years, dating back to the fall of 2004.

In 2006 Hyde won both the PHA SCCA SM2 hillclimb championship and the NEPA SCCA SM2 autocross championship.

All of this success would not be possible if not for the continued support of the entire MR2 community and itís vendors. Please check out the sponsors page to see who all has been involved with the build up of this car over the years and please give them your business. Tell them Hyde sent you!



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