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The Story


I purchased Jekyl in the spring of 2000. I saw Jekyl in a local Auto Locator magazine. I wasn't actually car shopping - just sort of browsing through it. At any rate, a white 91 MR2 tends to catch my eye.

The next thing I noticed was that it had Enkei RSE rims which really peaked my interest as the last 2 MR2's I owned I had Enkei RS Evolutions on them which are the same style. The next thing that caught my eye was the $5000 price tag which was, at the very least, fairly cheap at the time. The ad stated that in addition to the rims, the car had 5-way Tokiko struts and KVR cross drilled rotors.

So I called the number and talked to the young lady that was selling the car and we set up a time to meet. My friend David drove me to look at the car and I told him on the way there that it seemed a bit unusual that a girl was selling the car and the modifications she had done were not power mods. The car seemed to be modified more inline with someone who autocrosses.... BINGO.... then it hit me. I hadn't autocrossed in about 2 years at the time, but I recalled a girl named Sara that raced a white 91 MR2 with her boyfriend Eric who raced a modified Corvette.

Low and behold, it happened to be Sara who was the owner/seller of this car. This happened to explain her choice in rims as well. Whenever we would be racing together she used to comment on my Enkie's all the time., so it was no surprise that she bought a very similar rim. At any rate, I picked up Jekyl for $4500.

I did not have any real intention of modifying Jekyl at first. I was just happy to have a clean MR2 to drive and enjoy again. But, floating around on the MR2 board and the MR2 classifieds and a few other parts sites, I kept stumbling on pieces. And so began Jekyl's creation. You can see a full mod list for Jekyl elsewhere on this site.

At this point, Jekyl is finished. (or so I always seem to think).

... to be continued ...


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