MR2 Related Deaths

The reality of driving


Over the years I have always preached how safe the MR2's are - particulary for their size ... I still hold to that as truth. But gone are the days when I would proudly state that with all of my years in the MR2 community I was only aware of one fatality in an MR2 accident.

Recently one of our owners perished in his MR2. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to know him, but like many others I share the grief and the pain of a senseless loss of life.

His story has inspired this page. The startling reality of his passing inspired me to research MR2 related deaths ... I was shocked by what I found, and I share it with you here.

I share it to remind you ... to remind you that our cars are safe, but our cars are not bullet proof ...

... and our cars can kill others.

Take some time and read these articles below ... Think about how you drive ... think about how close you are to joining these people.

These MR2 drivers were not all guilty, but their lives are all different.

Please be safe.

In memory Adrian Cummings, 1981-2003 and Logan Friedrich, 1983-2003.


MR2 occupant fatalities

Stories with * have photographs.
Stories in red are MR2OC Board or MR2 mailing list members.

Jeff Uselton

Don Gangcuangco

Mike Ferguson

Samantha Hopper

*Pei-hua Tsai ~ 3/12/05

*Jeremy Edward Cooner, 20

*Justin Griffin, 16

Adrian Cummings, 22

Logan Friedrich, 20

*Brian Chuong, 21, KILLED street racing

Paul Smith, 26

Amanda Kordus, 17

Thomas Ussary, 18

Denise Chetcuti, 18, passenger

Tanver Ahmed, 22 & Neil Carson, 18

Ignacio Moses Perez III, 21

Craig Dicker, 23 and Adam Lumley, 21

Name not released, male, 43

Musician, 47, dies in DUI accident

Two men, 21 and 23, die in flipped, burning MR2

Single car accident with tree

Woman dies from hydroplaning MR2 accident


MR2's involved in fatal accidents

MR2 owner convicted (street racing)

MR2 owner charged manslaughter/felony assault (street racing)

MR2 owner kills driver of Chevy Blazer

Rover hits MR2, 3 dead

MR2 driver hits, kills toddler

MR2 driver hits, kills man

MR2 driver hits, kills 74-year-old man

MR2 hits, kills woman aiding accident victims

MR2 meets Daewoo at dangerous intersection


MR2 owner dies in accident

(MR2 not involved)

*Girl, 18 dies when car hits pole






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