History of Site Updates for JekylHydeRacing.com
The home of the 600-horsepower, total performance Toyota MR2

4/19/07 It's been a while since I updated the updates, but that does not mean work has not been happening to the site or the car! The whole Site has a brand new look. And we have just released our book "Sponsorship: Amateur Motorsports." Click the ad to the right to see details on it.

2/17/07 We are completing redoing JekylHydeRacing.com ... the "new" site should be open in late March or early April. Until then, please go HERE and rate/vote for Hyde!

1/30/07 We opened up a new racing site ... it is a great place for all racers to learn. Check it out: www.smartracer.net

1/27/07 The MR2 Babes page is back up and better organized with hundreds more photos!

1/15/07 Added Hyde's History page and Hyde's Resume page is updated.

1/10/07 It's a new year and with that comes some new stuff. The front page of the site has changed and the rest will soon follow. We've also learned that Hyde can do card tricks! Check it out HERE!

10.6.06 Hyde Calendars for 2007 are now available! 
To buy a calendar, click HERE!

8.28.06 The season is going great. We have had 5 hillclimb victories in a row and set 3 new SM2 hillclimb records!  We also created a "Hyde's resume" page that you can see here.

6.26.06 Updated my monthly column on the Articles page. Also added some new videos of Hyde from the Pagoda hillclimb where he claimed his 4th victory of the year.

6.20.06 Hyde is The Speed Lounge's featured car for June: See here!

5.31.06 Updated Hyde's autocross page and videos. Also updated Jekyl's pics page.

5.19.06 Updated my monthly column.

4.30.06 Hyde won his first event of the year - an SCCA Solo2 autocross. Photos and videos on his pages.

4.27.06 Hyde put down 567 rwhp on the dyno!!! Photos and videos on his pages.

3.26.06 The "New" Hyde has been unveiled. Check out the new photos and dynos on his pages!

2.23.06 It's been a while for updates, but that is because a lot of work is going on behind the scenes. Over 30 different modifications are being done to Hyde over the winter!

One update is that I have now opened up the Jekyl Hyde Racing e-mailing list to the public. If you would like to be included on this list, please check out this link:

1.9.06 With the new year comes new things. Hyde is being torn down for a major winter-over haul. Expect a whole new beast in the spring. In other news, I finally got around to changing Hyde's track history page into a RACING history page. Previously it only had Hyde's 1/4-mile times, not it has everything. You can see the new page here: http://www.jekylhyderacing.com/slips.htm

12.9.05 Two new pages added. I added this page of US Hillclimbs and this page with my column on MR2s & snap oversteer. I never post an update on here about the columns I write for the Reading Eagle newspaper. However, once a month they get uploaded here.

11.14.05 Uploaded the tenative 2006 Race Schedule.

11.1.05 Jekyl Hyde Racing has issued the first annual Diversity in Competition award to Scott Barton! Hyde has also ran a new best 1/4-mile time of 11.13 @ 123.75 mph. The video is on Hyde' smultimedia page.

We are starting to put together out 2006 Race Schedule.

10.24.05 Since the last update Hyde has won tow more SCCA Solo 2 events and claimed one FTD (fastest time of the day). The Race schedule is updated with the results and there are photos added on Hyde's multimedia page.

After each event we e-mail our friends and sponsors with an update of the event along with links to photos and videos. Do you want to receive the Jekyl Hyde Racing e-mail updates? If so, just send an e-mail to: jekylhyderacing@yahoo.com and request to be added! Thanks.

10.5.05 Wow, been a while since an update. Since 8/22 I ahve won the fall Weatherly hill climb while setting a new course record for SM2. I also won a Solo 2 autocross event. I broke an axle at an open track drag night. And this past weekend I qualified 3rd and finished 3rd at the NHRA fall nationals at Englishtown.

I have recently added a new page of my crew members (click). There are lots of new photos on Hyde's media page.

8.22.05 Hyde won the SM2 class at the SCCA Duryea hill climb and set a new record for the hill! Videos on Hyde's multimedia page as well as the new dyno numbers. 440 rwhp!

8.12.05 Updated Hyde's mods page and added a link to my new page on the huge TMIC project. Also updated the JH Racing page/schedule.

7.18.05 Updated my column on my articles page.

7.11.05 In the past few weeks, Hyde won the Pagoda and Giant's Despair hill climbs. That makes 4 wins in a row and 3 straight SM2 hill climb records! Photos will be added to Hyde's multi-media page very soon.

6.13.05 Hyde won the SM2 class at the Weatherly Hill Climb and set a new hill record! There is an in-car video on Hyde's multi-media page and the JH Racing page has been updated with results.

6.7.05 Hyde took his first Drag racing win this past weekend at the Import Survival Series race! See the photos in Hyde's photo section.

5.2.05 Hyde has been brought out for the 2005 season. See the first photos from Englishtown on Hyde's Multimedia page. Hyde's mod list has also been updated, check out the new parts (including a new turbo!).

4.4.05 Hyde's new look for 2005 has been uploaded.
See the Web gallery in the "multi-media" link on the main page or see Hyde's photos page.
the direct link it here:
Hyde' 2005 Look.

3.29.05 Updated the race schedule, Hyde's mods. I got Hyde back last week. The new look and new dyno numbers should be up in a week or so. We are shooting for over 400 rwhp. Pics and dynos coming soon!

3.15.05 Updated Hyde's mods page (acquired a Berk Technology tubular exhaust manifold and a carbon fiber trunk lid. My sponsor page is also updated. Unfortunately, I had ot update the MR2 Fatalities page *sigh*

3.10.05 A lot of winter work is going with Hyde, so expect more performance figures very soon! In preparation for the 2005 season, I have also purchased:

Pit Crew shirts:
I also bought a Tow Vehicle (trailer coming soon):

2.22.05 Updated Hyde's Mods page. I still need to upload some photos for it, so all links do not work yet.

2.18.05 Updated my aticles page with new Columns.
Look out soon for the "new look" of Hyde. I picked up a bunch of new sponsors and new wheels. The winter work is approaching it's end and we should be looking for close to 450 rwhp!

2.7.05 Want your MR2 Board name on Hyde?
See here:

2.05.04 Hyde's winter check up is going well. Engine is still strong and I picked up 3 new sponsors. www.LuckyCasino7.com,www.kbox.ca and Heidi Nolen. Thank you all so much!

1.13.04 My girlfriend's Web site is opening soon here:

01.01.05 Happy New Year!
I added a bunch of new stuff to the 4-Sale page. Only 2 days left to buy the Hyde DVD through me. After Jan 3, it will be available on www.twosrus.com.

12.19.04 Hyde DVD's are being shipped out as they are ordered! See here: http://www.jekylhyderacing.com/hyde_video.htm

11.17.04 Updated Hyde's media page

11.15.04 Updated Hyde's video page and Hyde's track history

11.11.04 Still taking orders for Hyde Videos!!
See here:
I also updated the Hyde mods page (new race wheels), Hyde's Media Coverage Page (DSport magazine mention!).

11.4.04 J&H Racing's 2005 Schedule posted

10.27.04 Hyde's VIDEO GOES ON SALE!!!
See here:

10.15.04 Added my latest column to my articles page.

10.11.04 Added Events Photo Albums to the Multimedia page.

10.4.04 Updated JHRacing Page results, Hyde's Track History AND Hyde's Multi-Media page ~ added photos from this past weekend's NHRA E-town event (AutoRush, Urban Racer and Modified photos).

9.28.04 Updated Hyde's Multi-Media page ~ added new pics and videos.

9.27.04 Updated the Hyde's Track History page (3 new videos) and also Hyde's Multimedia page with a new in-car hill climb video (the record run at Weatherly).

8.30.04 Added an in car video of a burnout (on Hyde's multi media page), Updated Jekyl Hyde Racing page results, updated Hyde's track history.

8.22.04 Added an in-car video of Hyde doing the Durye Hill Climb ...huge download (19 megs!) ... it is on Hyde's Multi-media page.

8.19.04 Added ESPN's video of Hyde's final round appearance at Englishtown's Summer Slam and also the 2 photos that were in Turbo Magazine (Oct '04)

8.2.04 Major updates to the MR2s in the Movies page. I started adding video clips of the actual sightings!

8.1.04 Updated the Hyde's track history page and photo/video page. Crazy new video of near miss with the wall at Maple Grove!

7.30.04 Added 2 pics of my girlfriend to the MR2 Babe page and I added a photo page from the MTV party at Chris Rado's shop.

7.26.04 Added a page with photos fropm Kingston 2004

7.22.04 Added the MR2 Drift page. Updated Hyde's Engine bay photos

7.19.04 Added Hyd'e new 351 RWHP dynos!!! (pics and a video), updated Hyde's Mods page. And I am introducing my NEW MR2!!! .... Here is my newest acquisition.

7.7.04 Added videos on Hyde's track history page and multmedai page

7.6.04 Added some photos of Hyde from Summer Slam.

7.5.04 Hyde takes 2nd at Summer Slam! Slips update on Hyde's track history page. Videos and photos coming soon.

6.30.04 Added Media photo from the Hill Climb race here:

6.29.04 Updated these pages: Fabio's Page, JH Racing, Hyde's Photos and Photos of me.

6.27.04 Added a photo of Me and Fabio on the Pics of Me page. Also updated the JH Racing page. Took 2nd in my first SCCA Solo 1 Hill Climb!

6.21.04 Added anotiher date tot eh race schedule. Septmeber Hill Climb @ Waetherly.

6.16.04 Added 2 photos of me on my pics page.

6.15.04 Updated my sponsors page (thank you sponsors!) Updated Hyde's Mods Page.

6.14.04 I've updated a lot in the last month except for this page! There are lots of new photos & Videos on Hyde's pages. I also updated the Jekyl Hyde Racing page. I also compltely revampd the MR2 Babes page.

5.7.04 Lots of pages have been changed since the site move. I added a section of "coverage" photos on Hyde's multimedia page. I also updated Hyde's mods page.

4.28.04 Whole new site. I bought my own domain.

Questions, comments and criticisms can be directed to: Jeff