Weird Toyota MR2 News

The reality of reality

In searching the Internet for stories for other pages on my site I have come across some strange stories and photos ... some just happen to have MR2's in them ... others the MR2 plays a major part.

       For your enjoyment ...


Stories with * have photographs. 


Stolen MR2 crashes during police pursuit

*MR2 Trike

*MR2 Limousine

Ex-postal worker kills three
*Man leads police on chase in his mom's MR2

Prostitute kills 'John' for his MR2

MR2 owner Murdered

MR2 catches fire while fleeing police

*Nurse drives MR2 into river

Article written on the MR2

Ban Assault Vehicles (MR2 included)

MR2 owner and boyfriend murdered

*94 year old lady's first trip to McDonalds

*MR2 split in half

*MR2 jet power

*Poor park job #1

*Poor park job #2

MR2 takes out 3 parked State Police Cruisers

MR2 driver with Road Rage


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